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About Our Education

In the 2019-2020 period, we took a break from our indoor activities due to the Covid epidemic. Health first!

to our workFENERBAHCE PARKWe continue in the open air. ​

Working order: Periodic studies we do in Istanbul continue for 8 months (32 weeks) between October and June every year. We are doing a summer break in mid-June. We start again in the fall, in October. We communicate with those who reach us throughout the summer in September and form new groups. The subject is deepened by spreading over the years in a spiral structure. Each group meets once a week in its own session and does 1.5-hour work. But I've always encouraged other peers and even advanced friends to come to lower grades if they have time. If you can spare time, you can participate in the work of other peer-level groups. Apart from the weekly periodic studies, the all-day work on the weekend, which is very busy, is very effective-efficient in the learning process. We also do one-week Tai Chi camp activities (North Aegean, Bademli Village) at different levels after the closure of schools in the Summer period.

The impact of these camps is worth the work we have done in the city for months. I definitely recommend.


Dress: You can come in comfortable, plain clothes. Tracksuits are also available if you wish. Just make sure the shoes are flat, thin-soled and flexible.

It is useful to reserve a shoe for the living room. The floor is wooden. Some of our friends use dance booties, some use hand-knitted booties or even old leather mest. What is the ideal when the classes start, I will show you an example. We do not prefer sports shoes with thick soles made for running. Because we want to feel the ground. It is done even with bare feet, if the foot does not get cold.


Participation in Studies:

To register, simply send an e-mail. It would be helpful if you also provided your phone number for quick communication. 


Age limit:


There is a difficulty in learning T'ai Chi Ch'uan for the little ones, both teacher and student. That's why I recommend the parents to practice Judo as a branch where they can discharge their energies more easily and get to know their own bodies better by contacting the opposite body. I have had only one female student, who was young, and who has been able to study T'ai Chi Ch'uan with patience to this day. He was 15 when he started.


No upper limit! We can work with anyone who can come to the salon. Such a hopeful situation! The point is to bring ourselves into the hall. Let me back up what I mean with a yogi story:

They asked the master, "What is the most difficult in Yoga?" saying.

The questioner meant, of course, difficulty in terms of movement.

Answer: “Put the mat on the floor and get on it!”


You can also contact our friends who have reached the training stage with years of effort and join the formation of working groups in regions closer to you... 

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