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I studied engineering. I graduated from METU Electrical and Electronics Department in 1984. I did Yoga and Taekwondo during my university years. These then built the T'ai Chi infrastructure for me. I met T'ai Chi in 1988 through İlhan Güngören. In 1990, I went to Germany to work on a project related to my work. While I was happy and surprised to find a group doing T'ai Chi there in Erlangen, they were also surprised that someone from Turkey was practicing T'ai Chi Ch'uan. These links take me to my very precious teachers.To Toyo and Petra Kobayashitook it. This was a new dimension to me in T'ai Chi. My triple partnership with them until April 21, 2016, unfortunately turned into a duo when Toyo passed away with a sudden aneurysm case. Our teacher Petra Kobayashi is in front of us, accompanying us in our ongoing studentship process. After returning to Turkey, I started to train my first group at the beginning of 1993. Unfortunately, no one has come back from those days by doing T'ai Chi. However, I resigned from my job in 2001 and with the intense process where I tried to share my T'ai Chi knowledge, new trainer friends emerged. In the "INSTRUCTORS" section you will find their names and contact details. As we continue our journey together, I am glad that there are those who join us through the channel of these new trainer friends. You can now see large groups of T'ai Chi in open areas. Let's perceive this as a production and continue on the road with pleasure.


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