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Aegean Retreats - 2023

The Aegean Sea, with its magnificent shades of blue between Turkey and Greece, takes its name from the king of Athens, Aigeus, in a mythological story. When we say "two sides of the Aegean" this term creates positive emotions in our hearts. When travelers cross the border, they come across settlement names written in different alphabets on road signs, or they hear different languages on the street. Except for these, the images of the two peoples on the street and in the cafes leave the feeling that there are no borders between the two countries.


Thanks to cultural interactions, these two peoples became so similar to each other, going beyond geographical commonality. When we say "the two sides of the Aegean", we express this partnership with the positive emotions we feel. The Tai Chi Chuan philosophy, which was born and evolved in China, far away from these lands, as one of the most beautiful gains of not only the Chinese people, but the entire humanity, imposes us an approach based on unity and integrity.  We have been practicing for 22 years on the eastern side of the Aegean, looking at the island of Lesbos, and generating good feelings. So far, we have basically held our summer camps in Turkey with the participation of our own Tai Chi students. Sometimes our friends from abroad also participated.


This year, for the first time, we decided to mainly address international Tai Chi Chuan practitioners. We want to have international participation in these works carried out on the eastern side of the Aegean. Our aim is to experience the therapeutic effect of Tai Chi philosophy internationally and to establish bonds and friendships. By experiencing the beauty of simplicity in the typical Aegean geography, you will enjoy one of the most beautiful places to study Tai Chi Chuan in the world… You will see images from previous years' meetings on the "Previous Activities" tab of our website.


The history of the region is also rich with its ancient ruins. It is inevitable to come into contact with the geography and history of the region in the midst of a one-week intensive program. This camp is not a tourism activity. We do not organize a trip. It should be noted that we are meeting to study Tai Chi Chuan. Everyone is expected to reach our workplace with their own means, and we will work together to enrich the health and meaning in our lives with the help of an ancient knowledge.

Aegean Retreats

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03-10 June 2023  Yang style, in the tradition of Prof. Cheng Man Ching, those whose knowledge of form is at the beginner-intermediate level.


30 Sep-07 Oct 2023 Yang style, in the tradition of Prof. Cheng Man Ching, those who have medium-good level of form knowledge. All series review. Correction, feeding with new tips. Pushing Hands.

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