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On Chi Energy

According to the Tai Chi Chuan classics, like all living beings, the human species also benefits from the universal-life energy of "chi". This energy, which has an important place in traditional Chinese medicine, is an invisible energy that exists in the human body at birth, but is necessary for life. The easy flow of chi energy circulating in channels called meridians, on which acupuncture points are located, coincides with a well-functioning nervous system and a good blood circulation system. If this flow is not good, the body's energy balance is disrupted, and we get the result as a disease from one of our organs. With a common approach, we look at our malfunctioning organ as a broken piece of machinery and perform the treatment for the organ. However, it is necessary to look at the problem more holistically.

So what is it that worsens the flow of chi energy in our body? We express ourselves more naturally and directly in our children's world. As you become an adult, as you grow up, comes cultural-social rules, job, career anxiety and many more tensions. Although the material world surrounds us so much, we neglect our material body. As our body contracts, it contracts, blockages occur. These blockages prevent the flow of chi energy, such as resistance elements that oppose the flow of electrical energy in an electrical system. In that case, it is necessary to remove these contractions, blockages and relax. Tai Chi Chuan becomes important here. Because when we introduce such a system into our lives, we begin to experience its relaxing and relaxing effects on our body. Blockages are removed, energy flow is getting better. Without exaggeration, Tai Chi comes across as a preventive medicine system.

The fact that we have been brought up with a Western skeptical-scientific approach does not make us consider “chi” energy as a superstitious concept. Until yesterday, we had medicine men who called acupuncture quackery.

There are forms of energy in the universe. We are energetic beings too. Man is a curious being. He has a tendency from belief to knowing. This curiosity questions the existence of Chi energy. In 1978, Chinese scientists work with Tai Chi master Wu Tu Nan. Using modern instruments, they see the existence of an infrared-like glow emanating from the palms of the master. What the Tai Chi practitioner observes in himself after the movements; a sweet warming and whining feeling, especially in the palms, is a warming that spreads to the whole that grips it pleasantly from the inside of the body to the skin. This is a sign that the blockages are lifted.


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