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It is very enjoyable to study Tai Chi Chuan in daylight. Maybe it would be more accurate to say spring period. The nurturing of the environment in FB park works is so much. This mother kitty has made her old gum tree hole a home for her babies and herself. He's looking left and right, to see if it's safe? Then, when he trusts me and approaches me, I can see the puppies inside, I photograph them.

When I go to studies, I do not say “I will tell you the following today”, I do not plan. In each meeting's own uniqueness, the narration comes out according to the group's needs. I did not think that this cat nest, which I took before the lesson, would also enter the subject of the lesson. I am trying to give short messages about what we are looking for on the way to Tai Chi Chuan. Health comes first! When it comes to health, the spectrum is so wide! Modern medical data proves to us every day how beneficial Tai Chi Chuan practices are for our health.

Our clinical study with Dr.Pelin Yıldırım in 2007 was on the concept of balance. “Effectiveness of Tai Chi exercises on balance in geriatric age group” was the title of the thesis. Today Dr. Pelin Yıldırım @pelinym is a young professor in her field. Hello here dear Dr. To Pelin Yıldırım. After this study, it was published in the "Journal of Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation" in 2016. Western medicine has now upgraded Tai Chi practices to first-degree evidence for its positive impact on holistic health. Well, western medicine has accepted this now, but was the situation different before? Of course not! This beautiful accumulation of humanity has already contributed to human health in eastern Asia for hundreds of years. However, evidence-based medicine is like that, it has to do these studies. Its positive effect in all areas can be turned into an evidence-based study. However, I would like to briefly touch upon another crucial dimension; mental health.

In today's working and living conditions, our bodies are not able to move in accordance with their evolutionary and natural development. In other words, we are far from living the nature in us. The body has become the carrier of the head. It sits a lot and we are almost indifferent to the profession, screen slaves. I would like to emphasize that this body-mind disconnection is important in the individual's "feeling good" state, without forgetting that all inequalities exist in all areas of life and by choosing not to mention that aspect in the article I tried to be short. Tai Chi practices have a high potential to create awareness of daily body movement and usage habits, many of which are wrong and harmful. Being aware of the body, recognizing and advancing its possibilities increases the feeling of "confidence" in people. In other words, we would actually be working on the concept of "alienation".

Mind-body alienation primarily feeds one's self-alienation. Alienation is the problem of the age, of humanity. Social and individual balance-peace is negatively affected by alienation. It is not just physical as a result of the mind's ability to engage deeply with the body it drives. It affects the emotional state. The ability to do what you think feeds self-confidence. Being able to stay in balance without the need for an instrument, to be able to change places, and to apply the necessary force when necessary without harming our anatomy and nature nourishes the feeling of trust. Our Tai Chi practice processes actually bring us into contact with the concept of mindfulness, which has become very popular these days and revolves around serious financial movements. So we, Tai Chi practitioners, practice mindfulness intravenously.

We recently watched a stop-motion movie: House. The movie is actually for adults. Three consecutive short films run under the title “House”. At first, you watch "What is this*". Then it recovers. At the end of the film, he compiles a sentence: “I adorned it with furniture, I looked like furniture!” it was something like that. The exit of the living space from being a "home". Our inability to make a home in the places we live in! Our bodies, which should actually be our home. Learning Tai Chi Chuan is beyond learning and practicing some flowing movements and choreography. In fact, homecoming is the process of being home. Home is trust. Being at home is feeling safe. It is an approach. Thus, being able to make a relationship HOME is awareness, labor. Happy are those who can make their relationship a home. May your beautiful kitten exist in the hollow of the great gum tree, in its nest, with its babies, for a lifetime.


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