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Why Tai Chi?

Why are people turning to doing Tai Chi?

Here are a few reasons:

Its effectiveness as a means of healing has been proven.

As a result of continuous repetitive movements, the self-healing process that exists in our nature works. Flow is essential for all vitality-life. The human body is too intelligent for us to define its limits at the moment. The important thing is that there are no blockages in it. Tai Chi exercises open the blockages that block the flow, the healing process works. Its positive effects against diseases such as blood circulation problems, heart diseases, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, allergic disorders (asthma...), body posture disorders, joint rheumatism, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's and MS have been seen statistically in clinical studies in Western countries.

The extreme tension created by modern urban life, new working styles that almost disable the body, long hours in front of a monitor without any occupation; It brings together coordination, balance problems, weakening of the nervous system, and unbalanced functioning of the brain parts. Tai Chi practices are an effective tool against these problems. Movements create a dynamic relaxation state, provide relaxation and create a balanced distribution of energy throughout our body, while increasing our general energy level. In the end, instead of fatigue, a feeling of rest, feeling good and contentment emerges.

As meditation, it provides the body-mind balancing in a dynamic way. Inner stillness, holistic awareness, is an uncompulsion-free state that comes with Tai Chi practices. It strengthens, calms and refines the spiritual structure. Increases the power of the sense. It tries to gather and bring us, which has been swept away from our body in daily life. Many exercise systems require muscle strength. When we get old, we cannot have brute muscle strength. However, flexibility and fluency are developed in Tai Chi. Don't be surprised if you see a person who is getting older by practicing Tai Chi in a park doing very balanced, flexible-dynamic exercises. Yawning is experienced not only in the body, but also in the mind. This changes and raises the quality of our relationship with ourselves and our entire environment. In other words, the definition of "a communication art" for Tai Chi is one of the definitions that can be made. In connection with it, it can be called “The way of improving quality of life”.

In Tai Chi practices, motifs consist of very slow, uninterrupted, always cyclical movements. This sequence of movements is called "form". It takes 15-20 minutes to do it once a day. A small space is sufficient for this. Tai Chi does not require any special clothing or accessories from you. Only comfortable clothes are sufficient.

Even with what we have mentioned so far, it becomes clear why the Tai Chi Chuan system is preferred by an increasing number of people in the Western world. There are reasons why this ancient martial art is studied today, just as valid as the reasons for its emergence in the past. Not because anyone in Shaolin or Wu Dang temples wants to be a priest!

To summarize; It ensures that the soul-body-mind-energy balance of our being is like a musical instrument with a tune.

“We don't use these defensive techniques to throw others away (to hurt!), but to live and share these wonderful principles with our friends.” TUNG YING CHIEH (1888-1961)


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