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What is Tai Chi Chuan?

Tai Chi Chuan is a Chinese exercise system dating back 5000 years according to some sources. Historically, China is a country rich in powerful movement systems, where philosophy and health concepts are blended. This infrastructure created an atmosphere that led to the development of the Tai Chi system. It is sometimes called 'Chinese Yoga' or Taoist Yoga. The definition stuck in a single sentence is not enough to describe it. For example, when we say "Tai Chi is a sport", only one dimension is explained. The formation of Tai Chi movements is due to the simultaneous existence and mutual interaction of different dimensions such as philosophy, physiology, psychology, geometry, and dynamic rules.

The Turkish translation of the Tai Chi Chuan phrase does not make much sense! If we were to do this; We might say, "The Most Perfect Punch", what does it mean?

The word Tai Chi is a philosophical concept expressed with a simple motif known as Yin-Yang. It can be translated as "the most perfect, supreme power, cosmos-universe". Chuan, on the other hand, means "fist", which most often refers to the martial art process. All together: It can be understood as “human development through the way of understanding the art of defense and living the laws of the universe and nature working in holism and living like it”. So, although I sometimes call Tai Chi Chuan simply “Tai Chi”, I can say that there is a word usage error in the world. We can put Tai Chi philosophy into our lives with different applications. If we do the bare hand defense art with the philosophy of Tai Chi, the name of the practice will be Tai Chi Chuan. If we live this philosophy in sword art, the name of the practice becomes Tai Chi Jien (sword). If you use the stick with this philosophy, it's called Tai Chi Stick. If you are establishing your communication with this philosophy in your daily life, if you are in the process of working on it, you can easily call this communication path you keep as Tai Chi Communication. After all, we can philosophize in all kinds of daily practices, we can act with philosophy. With this understanding, if we abbreviate Tai Chi instead of Tai Chi Chuan, there is no problem.


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